What is Three Gun Shooting

There is a fairly new sport in the world of shooting called “3-gun shooting”, it consists of different courses that competitors have to tackle with three different types of gun, namely a rifle, a shotgun and a pistol. The course will throw up all manner of targets some short distance and some long, and scoring is calculated both on accuracy and time. Each stage of the course is assigned specific points depending how hard the task is, but ultimately the competitor who is able to shoot the most targets in the least amount of time is the winner. Its an enthralling, exhilarating sport with plenty of excitement, requiring fast shooting that is accurate but controlled. 3-gun shooting has become the fastest growing shooting sport in the world.

The Rifle

This is the main gun that competitors use in the sport, and the most popular gun used by shooters is the AR-15-style rifle. Any semi-automatic magazine-fed rifle can be used as long as you can bolt an optic to it. Many competitors make alterations to their rifles putting on better triggers, an extended bolt release, handle and all manner of things. But to start just use a standard gun and see how you progress with that, additions and alterations can come later.

The Rifle

The Handgun

Normally competitors use a high-capacity 9mm pistol such as a Smith & Wesson, Glock or any other high capacity handgun. Four magazines will be also being needed and pouches to accommodate them. Top 3 gun shooters use the STI Marauder which was specifically designed for the sport. They opt for this gun as it is really light and has a precision single-action trigger. This allows for better bullet placement at all speeds, some shooters select striker-fired guns and they too have proved to be highly successful. A good holster is essential, firstly to keep the gun secure as you navigate the course, and secondly to give you fast access to the firearm.

The Shotgun

The gun required for competition is a semi-automatic shotgun, such as the Remington Versa Max, although pump-action guns are allowed in most competitions but they will be a drawback. Again, the shotgun is often modified by the shooters to give them an advantage over the standard store-bought gun. Some competitors add a magazine extension perhaps to hold ten rounds, as when the bell sounds you can load as many shells as you can possibly can. Perhaps also consider an extended charging handle and a bigger bolt release along with low profile sights. One vital piece of added equipment is some sort of caddy to carry your spare shells, the Quaload is often preferred as it helps to position the shells so you can load the gun faster. 3 gun shooting events are held all over the USA and other parts of the world, and they are starting to attract big corporate sponsors, and also giving large amounts of prize money out. No two competitions are the same, the courses are different and many have themes. Like the MGM Iron-Man which introduces grueling running between the shooting.