Top Personal Security Tips – Part 2

In our last personal security blog, we looked at ways that an individual should remain vigilant against attack. You might remember we covered a little bit of self-defense and what you should do when confronted by an unwanted character. This time around we will look at home security and the part that you can play in reducing the chances of become a crime statistic.

Installation of an Alarm System

It should come as no real surprise that an alarm system is one of the best investments you can make for the overall security of one’s home. In many cases it is the visual aspect of an alarm system that will help to deter the opportunist burglar. Many of these would be criminals will shy away from a property that might prove problematic.

Changing the Locks

When new home owners take charge of a property they very often neglect the existing locks. It is vitally important that these should be changed, you simply don’t know who has had access to the keys in the past. The same applies in the circumstances where keys are lost. The cost of organizing replacement locks is likely to be small fry compared to the situation of having to claim on your household insurance plan.

Avoid Leaving Keys in Mailbox

Avoid Leaving Keys in Mailbox

Perhaps one of the oldest security faux pa’s around, but it is still carried out in relatively large scale even today. Leaving one’s keys in a mailbox or under the matt is definitely asking for trouble. Of course, it might prove convenient to allow access to someone on a short-term basis; however, this method can be one of the riskiest. It doesn’t take a potential intruder too long to search around and find “hidden” keys. Sadly, when someone has keys they can access the property as and when required, even cutting spare keys for their use at a later stage.

Installation of Deadbolt Locks

One significant step to improving home security is the installation of deadbolt locks on all exterior doors. It’s fair to say that these locks are more expensive than other spring-type latches; however, they provide a much-improved standard of home security. For enhanced deadbolt security, it is sensible to consider a double cylinder lock mechanism. The difference here is that the internal side of the lock cannot be opened without the use of a key. A great way to prevent intruder access via a window or other entry method.

The Appearance of Occupation

It’s a well-known fact that burglars like to target homes that look empty or vacant. If you are away from your home for extended periods, it is well worth considering automatic lights or plug sockets. Having switches that turn on household devices such as televisions, radios, or lights can be a highly effective deterrent as would be thieves believe people are at home. We hope that you can make use of some or indeed all of the above tips, for a more secure home.