Top Personal Security Tips – Part 1

Criminals are constantly on the lookout to commit crimes, they will be surveying the landscape to spot any weaknesses that might be available to exploit. Easy targets and a lack of witnesses go together to make a criminal’s perfect scenario. In this blog we will take a look at some of the most important elements and actions that you can take to help prevent the criminals making you a victim.

Be Alert and Aware

It’s important to try to be as aware of your surroundings as possible, even if you find yourself in an unusual location. Keep your focused on the events that are around you. Try to move into the direction of other people if someone is making your feel uncomfortable. It is important to also walk with as much confidence as possible. Occasional eye-contact with those around you will also go a long way to demonstrating confidence. Ideally you shouldn’t wear clothing or footwear that could ultimately restrict your movement, especially in the situation where you need to run to get away.

Trusting Your Instincts

Very often your own instincts are correct, especially when faced with a potentially precarious situation. If this is the case then you should follow your instincts to help put you into a safer environment, rather than suppress these at the risk of offending someone. In the event of being made uncomfortable by someone’s approach you should move, or ask for help. Calling the police to report a suspicious activity is another valuable step to increasing not only your own personal safety but that of others too.

Keeping Your Hands Free

Carrying certain items will make you an increased target for the criminal fraternity. If you have rucksack or similar bag, then it should be worn as intended to keep your hands free. Likewise, if you have a mobile or tablet, don’t walk around with it constantly in your hand as this can draw unwanted attention to you.

Closely Guard Your Personal Effects

It is important to always ensure your personal effects remain safe. Theft of items such as wallets, keys, phones can lead to an increase in the following crimes:

Your driver’s license or registration document will most likely have your home address on it, making it even easier for thieves to target you. If for example you are at a shopping mall, or sporting event then the criminal will know you are not at home, making their lives even easier.

Ask for Help or Assistance

In the event of feeling vulnerable or at risk there is nothing wrong with asking for additional help or assistance. There might be security staff or police about that can assist you if you are feeling worried about certain people following you. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to reach out to these professionals as they can provide important reassurance and increase your personal safety.

Look out for the next blog in this series when we take a closer look at safety when travelling.