Top 6 Best Self Defence Tips for Personal Protection

Finding yourself in a dangerous or scary situation is no fun, whether you are male or female. Of course, there are a number of self-defensive measures that you can employ, which when used correctly should help you to stay clear of danger. Sadly, scenes of violent attacks are not limited to the movies. Read on for some sound advice if you find yourself in a personal attack type situation.

Stay as Calm as Possible

While this might sound easier in practice than reality, it is important to be think clearly about the danger you feel yourself in. Sadly, many victims of crime become so because they showed an element of fear against their perpetrators. The trick here is to keep as composed as possible, don’t show fear to your attacker and there is much more chance they will back down.

Keep Close

If you are in a situation where you are trying to defend yourself then it is best that you stay as close as possible to your assailant. The closer you are the harder it will be for them to hit you. However, you should also be aware of the threat of knife wounding and base your judgment to stay close on this as well.

Strike First

Nothing can boost your confidence in an attack more than being the one to strike the first blow. Likewise, it can be a very effective method to de-stabilize your attacker and put them on the back foot. Acting first and attacking fast can quickly turn the tables on you would be predator and give you enough time to make your escape.

Maximize the Impact Zone

If you do decide to hit first, then you will want to make sure you cause as much damage as possible. Put simply, I would suggest that you hit “where it hurts most”. Choosing a location that will disrupt your attacker the most means that you are much more likely to get the upper hand in the situation. Rather than attempting to land a headshot, you should consider these areas:

  • Groin
  • Throat
  • Thigh

Typically, these are the areas on the body that will cause the most amount of disruption to a person’s well-being.

Be Ready to Protect Yourself

Being on the wrong end of the first hit in an attack is likely to de-stabilise you. With the above in mind you should also be conscious that your attacker might well be aiming for some of the softer spots on your body, make sure that you protect yourself with your hands and are ready in advance for any potential punches, or kicks to the areas that you, yourself are also targeting.

Don’t Try to Win

The final take-away here is that you should never try to win. You are only ever just doing enough to scare your attacker away. You are not in some real fight competition. Hopefully you will never find yourself having to use the advice above; however, if you do then make sure you are comfortable with what is required.