The Guns That Forged America – Part 2

This is the second edition delving into the history of the gun in American culture, and how it affected major events that forged a nation. In this blog we look at the more recent firearms that have made momentous events happen in American history.

Springfield 1903 Rifle

The Springfield 1903 was the rifle of choice for the American military during WWI until it was replaced in 1936. It was the first real bolt-action rifle that the American military had used and over one million of these guns were also used in WWII. Eventually the 1903 was filtered out of use in 1941, but by then many American soldiers loved the bolt-action of the Springfield and it became the Nation’s favourite hunting rifle.

M1 Garand Rifle

Taking the place of the Springfield 1903, the M1 Garand was the US Army issue from 1936 onwards. The big difference between the two rifles was that the M1 Garand was a semi-automatic gun and the Springfield factory actually produced over three and a half million of these guns. It was tagged as “the greatest battle implements ever devised” by General George S Patton, and it won many battles and wars that America was involved in.

AR-15 Rifle

After many predecessors and design changing, the rights to the AR-15 were eventually sold to Colt, and they perfected the design. The original AR-15 was truly lightweight and without a magazine it was an amazing 6 pounds in weight. Also, it was fully automatic which was perfect for rapid fire in battle situations.

Beretta M9 Pistol

This highly dependable side-arm has been the official US Service pistol for over thirty years. The Italian manufacturer has been making firearms for centuries and has always been a pioneer showing the way to other arms manufacturers. The first order from the American military was for 100,000 of the M9 and they have been ordering them ever since. The US Army and Air Force have used the Beretta M9 as their sidearm of choice for servicemen because of its amazing reliability and durability.

M4 Carbine

Loosely based on the AR-15, the M4 is both lighter and shorter, which makes it the ideal assault rifle. Operating on a gas fed magazine the operator can choose semi-automatic mode or even single shot. It fires a .223 calibre round which is the preferred ammunition for this sort of rifle. The famous three round bursts of fire from the M4 make it instantly recognizable, and it also has the added capacity of mounting the M203 grenade launcher. The M4A1 is the fully-automatic version, and is used by almost all the US special forces.

These five guns have all been utilized by the American military, either actually in battle situations or peacekeeping operations. Without them America would be a less safe place as they have helped in many law enforcing operations both internally in America and overseas. Without these famous guns that helped to forge America it is hard to visualize how the country would have developed. Frontiers may have never been conquered or independence achieved, and wars could have had completely different outcomes.