Sporting Shooting – Part 2

We continue our blog into the different types of shooting sports and start where we left off. Pistol shooting events are very popular and can be with a revolver or an automatic pistol. Most pistol shooting is to do with targets and is often called Bullseye shooting.

Pistol Shooting Events

A very popular form of sports shooting for pistols is Bullseye shooting, this can also be done with rifles. It is mostly a long-distance event, with a target being placed many meters away and you have to hit specific points on that target. The distance is normally further than 50 yards, and the combination of competitions is done against the clock; sometimes the shooter may be granted the time to get settled and set themselves. To get the blood racing and the adrenaline pumping, a timer is often used, and the shooter may be requested to shoot with one or two hands.

Other events are held by the IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association), which is more of an action performance that is held under international rules with permitted guns. This is a self-defense type of shooting, and targets mimic real life situations. The American version is the USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Organization), which have slightly different rules than the International competition, but the essence is the same.

Rifle Shooting Events

There is a mix of events for rifle and the first type is called Silhouette shooting. Normally the rifles used in this competition are small gauge, for example .22. These events have a gallery of steel targets that are positioned between 50 to 100 yards. The targets may all be at different angles, heights and sometimes actually move. A variation of this event uses high powered rifles and the targets may be over 1000 yards, these are also quite often against the clock.

Bench Rest shooting is the most accurate competition for rifles that exists, the rifle is secured by a front and back rest and is placed on a platform. The shooters aim at paper targets with customized rifles that are modified to make them as precise as possible. The trajectory of the bullet is key in this sport and that is why the rifle must be as stable as possible, even the wind is a major consideration. These competitions can be decided by the smallest margins and this type of event can be seen in both of the Olympics.

No matter what country you live in, you will find a gun club that will assist in your quest to start shooting. Shooting competitions are widely available but you will need to be licensed and your local gun club can help you with this.

You need to pick what type of shooting you want to engage with: pistol, rifle or shotgun. The best option is to go to a club and try all the weapons and see which ones you like the best, gun clubs will also store your weapon if you prefer not having it at home. Shooting guns in a protective environment, controlled by experts, is a great leisure activity that almost anybody can partake.