Simple Ways to Protect Your Home

It is amazing in this modern world that home security is still flagrantly ignored, there are some simple ways that you can protect your home that will not cost a fortune. Apart from the loss of personal possessions and damage, the very fact that an intruder has been in your home is most discomforting. The following are simple, but effective ways of securing your property from intruders.

Secure All Doors

A third of all burglars gain access by the front door, you should inspect all the doors that have access to the outside. Ensure their frames are intact and sturdy, make sure there is some form of protection on the hinges, and the letter box is not too large. Many people have an ornamental front door, but often you are sacrificing security for aesthetics, and this is not a good thing. Your main door should feature a deadlock and a peephole, if it does not then get them installed.

Fit Window Locks

Latches on windows can simply be fitted with barrel types locks, but this is not a particularly good idea as there is one point of security. Fit key-operated levers perhaps on the sides for extra security, a quarter of all burglaries happen through first floor windows, but basement and second floor windows also need proper protection.

Fit a Decent Security System

Admittedly there is considerable cost to installing a good security system, but it could save thousands in lost property if you do not follow this route. Break your home into zones and grade the zones on importance and risk and focus on these. Look at is what available and choose what works for you, including motion sensors, smoke detectors, alarms, exterior lighting, cameras, CCTV, heat detectors, the list is almost endless and the technology involved in home security is getting further advanced by the day.

Arrange a Neighborhood Watch

Arrange a Neighborhood Watch

A good way of making your property safer is to enroll your neighbors in a neighborhood watch scheme. If your neighbors look out for your property then in return you can do the same. Have meetings so you know when a particular property is empty and then keep a watch that nothing untoward is happening. Put signage around the neighborhood to let strangers know the area has a program for home security.

Use Timers

When you are on holiday or at work, a good way to give the impression that your house is occupied is by having some household appliances on remote control. These days with smart-home technology it is possible to have timers and relays to turn off and on appliances such as lights, TV’s, stereos, curtains etc. This gives the impression that somebody is at home living in the premises, as most burglars are opportunists it will deter them from trying to break into your home and they will move on to somewhere that looks deserted. Protecting your home in many ways is plain good common sense, and to deter burglars and thieves from breaking into your dwelling does not always cost a fortune. Buying proper locks and leaving a light on can prevent a disaster and a lot of heartache, and will not break the bank.