Rifle Shooting Tips for Beginners

Most of the newbies who are starting off in the shooting world generally get quite excited when they hold their first rifle. However starting with the correct technique and gun maintenance is a great way for the shooter to understand how to handle a rifle from the very beginning and also how to safely handle the weapon. There is no secret to becoming a good sharp shooter but those who are have mastered the basics first. It is not all just about aiming and pulling the trigger. The more you practice the greater chance you have at progressing further and learning more about rifle shooting.

Rifle Shooting Tips for Beginners

There is no need to try and rush your training because becoming a shooter takes time and especially when you are in the field hunting you need a good amount of patience. Generally, this particular sport can be quite time consuming, and, it is very rewarding. When a person ventures out onto the range or into the wilderness they can try to pass the time during hunts by either some light reading or by playing some games to pass the time.

When I take a short break, I try to relax playing some games on addictinggames.com or pokerstarscasino.com. I really enjoy playing online games as they are great to pass the time. Also, finding the perfect shooting post or making a quick bet with a friend can be a great gamble too! Who is the best shot? Who hits the most targets? These are great to get you and your buddies competing against each other on who is the best and the winner takes home the big bucks or the loser buys the beers.

Choosing a Rifle

Choosing a Rifle

Choosing your first rifle can be a daunting process and can be influenced by several factors. What are your friends or instructors using? What are the latest models and designs? But, the main questions is, what can you afford?

Another of the accessories that you will need for shooting is a rifle scope. Again, this can be influenced by factors like environment, what your instructor has and potentially the choice of gun you purchase too. Having a good scope comes with many benefits and ultimately this can determine the amount of time you will spend during your training. At this moment in time it’s best to do some prior research before you proceed with go ahead with your purchase as you don’t want to rush your decision. Going to a local reputable rifle dealer would be a good start so then he/she can provide you with good advice and a reputable service.


It is very important that you learn about the gun safety basics before you handle any rifle or weapon. There are a few measures you can implement to ensure your own safety, and the safety of the people around you when you are handling your rifle at the range or at any shooting venue. Make sure that you have your eyes and ears protected at all times. This doesn’t mean to plug your iPod earphones in and using your favorite pair of Raybans. Each piece of equipment must be suitable for use while shooting. The glasses must be adapted to shooting as normal glasses can cause a lot of damage to your eyes should anything rebound or penetrate the frame or lenses. As for ear defenders, long-term exposure to loud noises such as gun reports can significantly damage hearing. Even one shot can leave your hearing feeling numb with some ringing for a few minutes. There are a range of different devices you can purchase from standard ear defenders to some which are electronic.

Never trust the “safety”. Even if you have the rifle in the “safety” mode, you must always keep the barrel pointing down range towards the target and away from people. Leaving the rifle in a position where the bolt housing is open is always another good precaution to use. Just remember, anything can malfunction and never to just count on the “safety” switch alone.

The Trigger

The TriggerOne of the best shooting tips is understanding how to properly fire your rifle. There is a correct way of firing a rifle and it is what ultimately determines if you hit or miss the target. As the saying goes, “pulling the trigger” it should really be corrected to, “pressing the trigger”. If a shooter was to pull the trigger then this can affect the stability of the weapon rendering it in an unstable position. By means of pressing the trigger, this will provide the shooter with a more precise shot as the person is still able to maintain their balance and stability.

After firing the rifle, the next stage is knowing how to follow through correctly. Those who have a good amount of shooting experience, will tell you that a good shooter doesn’t lose his/her grip or balance after taking a shot. Their balance is maintained throughout and after firing a rifle. This ensures that the whole process of firing the rifle to the bullet hitting your target is as precise as possible.

There are many experienced shooters out there who own up to saying that, before they started to handle a rifle, they thought that becoming a good rifle shooter was an easy task. Just by picking up the weapon and looking down the scope at their target would produce perfect hits on the board. This is not the case and without the proper training from the very start, a new starter may become frustrated, potentially give up on the sport or worse, hurt someone without the proper safety briefing.