How to Store Your Guns Safely

Once you have decided to take up sports shooting, it is probably a very good chance that you have bought your own guns to participate with. Keeping them at your gun club is a great idea as they are stored safely there, but there will be occasions when you may prefer to have them at home. Perhaps you are going to an event or competition and need to get access to your guns quickly. Storing guns at your home will fall under state or city laws, which will lay down specific rules how to store your guns to protect them from theft and falling into the wrong person’s control, in this blog we will discuss the best way of keeping your guns safe, both from theft and damage.

Trigger Locks

The first preventative measure you must take is to stop the firearm from being fired. A simple trigger lock is ideal, basically it is a clamp that you place around the trigger housing to prevent the trigger from being pulled. The simple locks do work to stop the gun from accidentally being fired, although they do not stop theft.

Gun Cases

If you are transporting your firearms for whatever reason, you will be required to use a gun case. They come in either hard or soft cases and protect the gun from damage. The cases also have locks on them which will prevent them from being stolen, but there is no way to stop the whole case from being taken.

Strong Boxes

A safer way to either transport your guns or keep them at home is a strong box, they are an excellent way of securing firearms especially if the box is bolted down to the floor at home or in the trunk of your car. Some of these boxes have the ultimate lock-in devices: either electronic keypads or fingerprint scanners.

Steel Cabinets

If you are storing your guns permanently at home, the minimum-security device for storage, by law, will be a lockable steel cabinet because they are easily portable, and they are excellent for apartments or upstairs rooms, but they must be fixed to the wall or floor. They offer good protection for the guns and protect the firearms from getting damaged around the home as well as protect it from theft. If you are considering a steel cabinet, then perhaps your budget can be increased to the most advisable gun storage, which is a gun safe.

Gun Safes

Gun safes are the ideal storage for your firearms, they give the greatest protection from theft and damage. You will most likely need the services of a professional company to install the safe in your home as they are heavy and need to be securely fixed either to a wall or the floor.

These types of safes normally have cushioned interiors to protect the guns, with built in racks to let air flow around the firearms. They also have sophisticated locking devices that are now commonly connected to the alarm system of the house. Some will have internet connection to a local security company or even directly to a police station so if the safe is open unlawfully, a signal is immediately sent to the authorities.