How to keep Your Gun Safely at Home

Keeping a gun at home has to be done under the rules and regulations of the state and country you happen to be living in, but it is not rocket science that the most important elements of keeping any firearm at home are safety and security. In this blog we undertake to give additional tips on how to secure firearms in your property, so they will be safe and secure. The storage solutions rather depend on what type of guns you own and what type of property you live in. The solutions we propose will give security for storage and prevent unauthorized use of the gun, and also to protect it from damage.

Firearms Safes

Safes are the number one security storage option available on the market today. The best gun safes are the totally secure, no frills ones. They normally have dedicated racks to help store the guns, so they do not get damaged. These types of safes are normally bolted to a concrete floor and have a heavy-gauge steel outer, with multiple locking mechanisms that can be a mix of combinations and keys. These safes are ideal to stop thieves and will keep your guns in mint condition, and keep them from harm in fires, floods and other disasters.

Locking Cabinets

Steel cabinets that can be securely locked provide most legislation requirements in keeping firearms at home. They also provide plenty of storage space and different interiors depending on what guns you have. For handguns a small locking cabinet that can be bolted to a wall will provide excellent and safe storage. They are different than gun safes in the respect that they are normally made out of lighter steel and have a simpler locking device. They are excellent however for apartments, flats and small houses where space is at a premium.

Strong Boxes

A strong box is really a portable device for protecting your firearms and should be used when you are transporting your guns. They do not offer the protection and safety that either safes or locking cabinets do, and probably would not satisfy gun legislation for keeping a firearm in your home. They come in many different guises and can be security cases, or briefcases. Technology has provided very secure locking mechanisms for these sort of devices and some even have programmable biometric fingerprint readers.

Gun Cases & Trigger Locks

The last two firearm devices are purely for transport and offer little or no security whatsoever. The primary role for a gun case is to prevent the firearm from getting damaged. The best has hard cases with an interior that is padded for added protection, a padlock is normally the only locking device for gun cases. Finally, a plain and simple trigger lock is one of the cheapest and most effective ways of preventing accidents. These locks prevent the gun from being fired by an unauthorised person, but more importantly they also prevent firearms from being loaded, as it is highly doubtful if you would be transporting a loaded gun this feature makes the gun non-operational.

Gun safety and security is of utmost importance in this modern world we all live in; these safety devices will keep your firearms safe and also prevent accidents and injury when transporting them. A combination of these devices will give the utmost in gun security.