Top Self Defence Arts You Can Learn – Part 1

There is no doubt that learning a martial art can have many unique benefits. Firstly, during training, you get to keep fit and stay in shape. Secondly and perhaps more importantly for some people they use their newly learned skills to increase their self-defence protection. Pretty much wherever you are there will be martial arts centres close by that will assist you in learning some of the ancient arts of their skill
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Top 6 Best Self Defence Tips for Personal Protection

Finding yourself in a dangerous or scary situation is no fun, whether you are male or female. Of course, there are a number of self-defensive measures that you can employ, which when used correctly should help you to stay clear of danger. Sadly, scenes of violent attacks are not limited to the movies. Read on for some sound advice if you find yourself in a personal attack type situation. Stay as Calm as Possible Whil
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Top Personal Security Tips – Part 1

Criminals are constantly on the lookout to commit crimes, they will be surveying the landscape to spot any weaknesses that might be available to exploit. Easy targets and a lack of witnesses go together to make a criminal’s perfect scenario. In this blog we will take a look at some of the most important elements and actions that you can take to help prevent the criminals making you a victim. Be Alert and Aware
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