Best Guns used for Home Protection

Firearms in the home are part and parcel of life today. Whether you choose the gun for recreational usage or as part of home security will largely affect the choice of gun. Gun lovers around the world are often reminded that it is better to bring a gun to a gun fight than to turn up empty handed. Advice like this might sound amusing; however, it also can have an important ring to it.

Shot Guns

Shot GunsShort barreled shotguns are hugely effective in providing security for your home. These should not be confused with their longer barreled siblings that are better suited to outdoor shooting. Aside from the damage that a shotgun can cause, one of the best aspects is the ability to intimidate an intruder. Without having to pull the trigger, it is likely that in some cases you will be able to scare away the threat to your property. The best form of defense is offence, and a well-kept shotgun is living proof of the last statement!

The shotgun comes in a number of difference guises, depending upon your exact requirements:

The most affordable shotguns are either the break or pump action types. These are typically the most reliable as well; however, the break action will limit your ability to shoot without having to manually reload the weapon. If you choose a semi-automatic then you will benefit from a faster action as well as a more accurate shot; however, these devices are considerably more expensive than their manual counterparts.


Home defenders living in more rural areas will often choose a high-powered rifle over that of a shotgun. The obvious benefits here is one of range. Your vantage point can be much further away than you would with other forms of handgun or shotguns. The trade-off with a rifle is that you can lose some of the potency that a shotgun provides; however, this can be offset by moving up the scale of rifle. As a rule of thumb, it is often thought that a good rifle is more than equivalent to the sum of 3 defensive shotguns.


Many people automatically think handguns are the answer for home protection. While they can be hugely effective, they do require the ability for the user to be pretty well proficient. Due to the likely close proximity of your intruder, you will want to ensure that you have the ability to hit your target. It should be noted that the handgun will often result in what’s referred to as muzzle flash. This can be a real issue in low-light conditions and can in fact hamper the home defender more than the intruder.

Choosing the right caliber of bullet is as important as choosing the right handgun. Going for something that has more of a kick can in many cases cause issues for the protector, especially the less experienced ones. Try to stay away from extremely high-powered munitions such as the .44 or .500, as these are very likely to over penetrate your target, leaving you with other issues to be concerned about. Guns at home are not for everyone; however, they can be a highly effective deterrent for any would be intruder, providing of course the home protector is prepared to use them!